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SafeMoney V2.0 with more and advanced usage, investors can now stake SafeMoney to earn up to 60% APR passive income.
Your Money is Safe with you - you own and control your tokens at all times

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Here is 3 Easy Steps to Buy SAFEMoney. Download TronLink Wallet, or Klever Wallet Deposit TRX (TRC-20) and connect to BaoziSwap and SunSwap to buy

100% Community Driven

SafeMoney is Community driven & fair launch. Dev do not use all team tokens for 2 years and participated in the fair launch with everyone else.

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Automatic LP

Every trade contributes towards automatically generating liquidity locked inside Safe liquidity wallet.

SafeMoney Passive Income
RFI Static Rewards

Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of safemoney grow indefinitely.

Our Growth so Far

  • So Far So Good SafeMoney has over 39k Holders currently Holding SafeMoney in their Wallet

  • SafeMoney has over 3k community members on Telegram from different countries around the globe

  • Our Swap is now Live at BaoziSwap

SafeMoney map
Is Growing Across the Globe
Is Growing Across the Globe
Is Growing Across the Globe

SafeMoney RoadMap

Our First Push

We will finish and launch the SafeMoney V 2.0 to the mainnetwork. And we will make sure holders of V 1.0 are able to swap 1:1 to the SafeMoney V 2.0

SafeMoney Progressing!!!

We will improve promotion of SafeMoney across the World, We will run more promotion across all our social media platforms through weekly giveaways and prominent Crypto Influencers supporting TRX and SafeMoney

Holding the Line

We will work on increasing SafeMoney trading Volumes to be able to be listed on more public exchanges like Poloniex and also will apply for listing V 2.0 on CMC too for more publicity and new investors

Building Solid Ground!!!

We will work on more use cases which the funds will be used to build a solid and strong liquidity pool for SafeMoney across all exchanges we are listed.

Develop our Staking Pool

We will work on having our Staking Pool ready for our Holders to be able to stake SafeMoney 2.0 and earn passive income instead of selling!!!

Going Cross Chain

We are looking into other chains currently and we are planning to go crosschain for more new investors and new adventure for the community.

SafeMoney Faqs

SafeMoney Faqs

We are aware of some Questions that might want to come to your mind, here are your likely question with good answers for your Knowledge of SafeMoney

What is SafeMoney?

SafeMoney is a community Driven token, the first Hottest Meme Token on the Tron Blockchain

Why should I invest in SafeMoney

Investing in SafeMoney is one of the best decision you will ever make because this is a token with a very bright future, a token with our 39k Holders, as well as a token with a very active and lovely community with the best and a very Hard Working Team

What makes SafeMoney Unique and Special?

You earn passive income by Holding SafeMoney in your Wallets No staking is required.

How do I check my Passive Income in my wallet?

All what is required of you is to go to your JustSwap and always check your passive rewards, kindly note that TronLink App doesn't show passive rewards in real time but if you are using Klever Wallet app you will always see your passive income grow in real time.

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